Hot Stuff Pizza® is made with only premium ingredients assuring you the best quality pizza found anywhere. Each pizza is topped with a flavorful tasting sauce, exotic spices, savory meats, real cheese and fresh tasting vegetables. Our crusts are amazing and cook up fresh in your oven. Fresh bread, fresh ingredients and sandwiches made right in front of the customer. With menu offerings of both cold and hot subs, wraps, and specialty sandwiches, they offer variety and portability at a competitive price.
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Hot Stuff Foods® gives your customers the food they want 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Hot Stuff Foods offers an incredible variety of ready-to-go food that is made with fresh, high quality ingredients. At Hot Stuff Foods®, they strive to be your complete foodservice solution with quality, fresh and affordable products for the consumer on the go. We have an unyielding commitment to providing restaurant-quality food that is portable and delicious.  Products range from a variety of breakfast sandwiches, stuffed baguettes and authentic calzones to gourmet sandwiches including a hamburger, cheeseburger, chicken filet sandwich and several sausage products enrobed in bread called "Wrap-Dogs!™."
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Jones delivers farm-fresh quality around the globe with a variety of international products and uncompromised quality since 1889. They formulate custom products to meet the cultural tastes of the world, using the same simple premise of quality ingredients. They offer Canadian customers a wide variety of fully cooked & browned pork and turkey sausage and precooked bacon.  Jones is committed to excellence and you can taste that in every bite.
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Big Hill Springs is our own line of premium quality deli meats and home meal replacement foods.  Proudly made in Alberta, we use the highest quality all natural ingredients.  We offer several varieties of all natural, gluten free, low sodium deli meats. We also create custom products in partnership with our valued customers.  The finest Canadian made products available.
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Thumbs Up Foods Inc. manufactures Gourmet Ethnic Indian style specialty foods. The products are made to high quality standards using only the finest and freshest ingredients available. The company has blended the traditional "hand-made" technique with a modern process, which they believe enhances the quality of their products, as well as increases shelf life without adding any artificial preservatives.
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Keybrand Foods was established in 1963, in the heart of Ontario’s garden country, to produce the freshest, highest quality prepared salads. The company has grown and expanded since its inception, and continues to be a leader in the categories in which it participates. In addition to their own lines of home-style, deli and international salads and desserts, they offer the ability to produce frozen entrees, dough, pastries, sauces, battered and fried foods and specialty items for retail, food service and private label. Learn More+

Farmers Land Food stands for Frozen Innovations and Fresh Solutions. Farmers Land Food GmbH supplies high-quality international frozen food products to major retail chains and key customers in the food service sector, both in the EU and across North America. 
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